One of our stronger products, Dip is used for complicated and hard-to-reach equipments. Traditional methods involving a spray gun or a paste brush would be difficulty due to the complex nature of the construction. Dip helps solve this problem by using a liquid chemical to dip stainless steel equipment into.


DIP form covers 40-50 sq. ft. of an area with 1 kg. of the chemical.


Apply liquid SI.56 degreaser solution on the surface for 5-10 minutes or immerse the item into the degreasing tank for 10 minutes then wash the surface thoroughly with high-pressure water and allow the surface to dry.

Immerse the equipment into the dip tank containing Dip.

Leave it for 5-6 minutes. (Depending on scale on S.S. Surface)

Restore the passive layer on Stainless Steel surfaces that has been damaged during fabrication or usage.

Dip the equipment again into the Passivating Solution for 30 minutes.

Finally wash the equipment thoroughly with demineralized water and dry.

Shake the products well before use.
Do not apply the products under direct sunlight.
Passivation is a must after every pickling process.