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Our latest and most technically advanced range of products is Gen Nxt. Compared to previous methods of pickling and then passivation, Gen Nxt is a single step process saving time and effort. The unique redness of the chemical helps for easy identification as well as provides a near fumbles application process. Additionally, it provides a smoother finish as well as a corrosion resistance. Available in Paste, Spray and Dip form.

A single step Pickling Passivation Product for Stainless Steel and its Alloys.
Product Confirms to ASTM A-967

Single Step Process for Pickling and Passivation
Reduction in fumes to negligible level
Red in colour helping easy identification post application
Improves Corrosion Resistance
Provides smoother and whiter surface
No change in grain structure of the base material
Improves Process Efficiency
Improves Human Safety and Reduces Risk
Quality Improvement
Improves Product Life
Better Homogeneity
Improves Visual Inspection

range of products are suitable for all kind of fabricated Stainless Steel Vessels, Types of equipment, Silos, Reactors, Mixer vessels, Heat exchangers catering to Pharma, Chemicals, Food and Beverage, Petrochemical & Desalination Plant.

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